woensdag 6 mei 2009

bar performance May 2009

rainy weather,bar performance May 2009

After doing some bar performances in Tokyo during shiny weather; I started to do bar performances in rainy moments when everybody is having 'umbrella's in the most expensive part of Tokio; Shibuya.
I still coninue asking people to describe or make drawings from their personnel view of the inside bar to the outside world...
That becomes slowly interesting...you see a mix of messages and drawings on the inside bar from people who get a drink in the most weirdest and bussiest places in the smallest bar or the world.

bar performance, Tokyo May 2009

bar performance, Tokyo May 2009

bar performance, Tokyo May 2009

bar performance, Tokyo May 2009

bar performance, Tokyo May 2009


performances in publieke ruimtes

This week I'm busy doing performances in Tokio city.
Inspired by my neighbourhood  'Shibuya', which is one of the most expensive parts of Tokio, I made out of an umbrella an mobile bar.

I asked visitors to have a drink in my bar and asked them to describe or draw their personel view from inside to the outside world.

vrijdag 3 april 2009

I'm now in Tokio

Dear People,
I'm right now in Tokio and invited by the Tokyo Wonder Site(www.tokyo-ws.org) I will stay till the 13th of May 2009 in the Tokyo Wondersite Building.
I will continue with my 'Dirkstudio' projects around the world and will do for this city 
actions; performances and reactions in the public space.

Right now I started to make photos of my new surrounding and will continue this process before actually realise actions into the city.

Dirkstudio, April 3, 2009

Some details

Seoul,SSamziespace Open Studio March 13th

For SSAmziespace 10th Open Studio I printed drawings and text about Social Mobile Transport in Seoul; this drawings and text were printed on selfmade supersized boxes.
At the end I delivered the boxes with an typical authentic Korean transport bike, to places like restaurants and public places to have a one day show...
dirkstudio,March 2009

vrijdag 6 maart 2009